Saturday, October 23, 2010

Free Sample of Cocosoya Oil Horse Feed Supplement

A blend of unrefined soybean and coconut oil, Cocosoya Oil is a very palatable oil with the digestibility of fish oil at the price of vegetable oil off the grocery store shelf. Compared with vegetable oil, Cocosoya is more digestible, contains the natural properties of the soybean such as Lecithin and Vitamin E, and also is abundant in unsaturated essential fatty acids.

Weight gain: when fed to horses at relatively high rates compared to the amount of work performed, Cocosoya oil will help in putting weight on a hard keeper horse. Oils naturally have about 3 times the calories as an equal weight of grains, or proteins. These horses should be fed at least 8 oz per day.

Energy: Cocosoya is high in medium chain triglycerides, which are available for use as energy by the horse right away. Horses are very efficient at using these triglycerides for energy. Thus, Cocosoya is an excellent supplement choice for endurance horses, racehorses, cutting horses or any other type of performance horse.

Keeping Horses Cool: fat in the diet will also keep a horse cool in hot weather in two ways. It will slow the digestion process down thereby generating less heat in the intestine. It also will slow blood sugar swings that occur when the horse eats food high in carbohydrates.

Shining the coat: Cocosoya will put a shine on horses very quickly. This oil contains not only essential fatty acids, which are important in hair and hoof production, but it also contains lecithin and vitamin E from the natural soybean oil. These factors add up to a beautiful coat on the horse.

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